About - Orly Benun

Orly Benun is a New York City based fine arts photographer and Getti Images Contributor, specializing in photojournalism, travel and landscape photography. Ms. Benun grew up in Israel and moved to New York in 1989. She attended The School of Visual Arts and The International Center of Photography and has been taking photographs since 1990.

Benun has shot in various destinations, including Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Sinai Peninsula Nicaragua,  New York City and the canyons in the Utah.

She  enjoys shooting nature, rural, and urban scenes and  makes use of natural light, color, and composition to portray authentic emotion.  

When photographing people she makes a connection with her subjects who are often aware of the camera but embrace it, while still capturing the authentic energy of the moment. Her images are insightful and depict both stability and fleeting moment, emptiness and depth. Benun enjoys by the element of the unknown, while embracing the curiosity of the journey and the emotional intelligible moment.

Contact:  646.319.8149


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